Internet troubles

I am having internet troubles. They are putting fibre in our street so its a bit wobbly.

So if I don’t post in the next couple of days that is why.

Today was meant to be a rest day. And it was this morning and circumstances being what they were we ended up at my sisters. Parentals in the garden and me in the house with my nephew and cooking dinner. So exhaustion reigns. I will definitely do nothing tomorrow. Thank god it’s a public holiday! Take care of you.



I pushed my limits today.

Walked at longer than expected. And had a late night watching the tennis (and I only got to the 3rd set!) So I think tomorrow will be a rest day.

With darts and tennis and Gilmore Girls.

I may have an early night, but I may watch the tennis for a bit as well. Do better than me and take care of you.

Swarm of ducks!

Yes, I know the collective noun for ducks (on the ground) is a badling but swarm is more acccurate.

Mum and I took my nephew to the park today to feed the ducks. We got there, walked down the path, opened the bag and the ducks came. Like an army, a swarm… an invasion!

They came all around us, pecking our feet and they followed us for a while after we just tossed the food and ran. It was hilarious. Hopefuly my nephew will not have an irrational fear of ducks from now on… he did manage to grab hold of 2 :/ whoops.

But we survived the duck tsumani*.

Take care of you! And beware the ducks! 😉


*I may be hyberolating here but there were at least 50 ducks.


So I got bitten by a mosquito yesterday. Once on my shin and once on my thigh. The one on my thigh is red, raised and itchy like mosquito bites usually are.  About a 1cm diameter circle.

The one on my shin, however, is massive and angry looking, swollen-it looks like a massive lump on my leg- and it hurts and irritates rather than itches.

I don’t know why on is normal and the other isn’t but they are both driving me crazy. Don’t worry I’m resisting itching.

Take care of you.


I did some baking today and successfully made (for the first time) cinnamon scrolls.

And good lord they were good, and gluten free.

Baking is my happy place. I still went on the bike and now my legs are sore. I’m hoping resting overnight with 2XU compression tights will help enough that I don’t end up in a flare up tomorrow. Or unable to walk.

Take care of you.


Drama Queen

So I may have been a bit over-dramatic about the burning cream. It did hurt, but I’ve had worse.

I’ve been on the exer-cycle every day for the past week, just for 5 minutes and I feel good. I’m not suffering any sort of flare up. I still drink a glass of water when I wake up each morning and meditating every night, after I read a chapter of my book.

This is good. I’m keeping up my progress and I’m rather proud of myself for it. It’s so much easier to not do things, rather than to do them. But I am doing them.

Take care of you.