Not a good day.

It hasn’t been a good day, in the sense of a bad day I can deal with. Does that even make sense?

I am a bit all over the place. My close friend had major surgery, is okay but not great.

A well known 45 year old had an aneurysm last Thursday and her life support was turned off today. It’s difficult to wrap my head around such a vibrant, bright, bubbly and beautiful with three young children being taken away so suddenly and so viciously.

So. Not a good day. Tell people you love them, appreciate them and be grateful. Take care of you.


Simon says…

Do you ever find life with chronic illness is better than life without?

No me neither.

You can’t work because you’re too ill. You can’t afford doctors and specialists and prescriptions and supplements. You’re not “sick enough” for a government handout.

Socialising hurts. Conversations are exhausting and repititive.

And everything said by a doctor (or well meaning friend who saw a cure on a facebook meme) is like a contradictory game of Simon says:

Specialist says: excercising is good for you. Doctor says: exercising is bad.

Specialist says: drink more water. Doctor says: don’t over drink.

Slecialist says: have salt every 2 hours. Doctor says: but not too much salt.

Specialist says: rest as much as you can. Physio says: stay active and exercise.

Doctor says: housework and cooking count as exercise. My mother says: not.

This blogger says: take care of you.

Cough cough coughcoughcough

My cold is mostly gone. Lingering snuffly nose and achy-sore limbs but now I’m coughing a fair bit. Uh oh. Hopefully it’s just asthma playing up and not an infection.

I did some baking which has not helped the back pain nor the leg pain. Though they were both fine/a perfectly manageable 3/10 today until this evening when I sat down to watch rugby and they shot up to 7/10. Maybe even 7.5

My nausea has been high today. So perhaps that was my warning sign? I can never tell with nausea it happens so often and in between flare ups that I think it might be its own problem. It is not. I have been investigated by the hospital. Nothing wrong so put down to  ME or the medication for the ME.

Anyway take care of you.

What a day.

I have been in and out of home like a scalded cat today. Out for one appointment back for food, out 15 minutes later for another appointment back for food and out again and back one last time.

Then my nephew was round and he is exhausting and now my back hurts. I haven’t had a fivro flare in my back in a long long time. I forgot how bad it is. Sleeping is going to be uncomfortable, if it happens at all.

Take care of you.

Still sick

I’m still sick. My nephew has also gotten a cold. Maybe I gave it to him?

Otherwise nothing new. I am channeling four of the seven dwarfs – Grumpy, Sneezy, Sleepy and Dopey.

Resting and drinking plenty, I promise. Take care of you.

One Lovely Blog

nominated me (I think that’s how it works). Thank you lovely ❤ it really boosted my day.

The Rules:

  • Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  • Post about the award
  • Share seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate at most 15 other people
  • Tell your nominees the good news.


  1. Done. (You’re a beautiful person, thank you)
  2. Done. Well, almost, when I’ve finished this it will be posted.
  3. Seven Facts about me (coming up)
  4. Um, I don’t follow anyone. Is that bad. Can I just do a blanket nomination of everyone blogging about their life?
  5. Uh, sure. You’re all nominated-ish. Done. Told.

Back to #3: Seven Facts about me-

  1. I hate peas.
  2. I’m an ex-English Literature major who dislikes reading.
  3. I am one of the biggest Disney fans. I own all but 2 of the dvds.
  4. I love the Harry Potter books. I used to read them once a year, now not so much but I still read them.
  5. I like to write in books. Now my sister has her own set (which I brought for her for Christmas) I can now write in our shared copies. I’m dying to do this.
  6. If I thought my body could cope with a tattoo, I would get one. Either an outline of Mickey Mouse’s head, or the quote <i>keep moving forward</i>, which is a snippet of a larger Walt Disney quote. And it’s apt for life with chronic illness.
  7. I have a massive sweet tooth.

I think that will be all for today.

Oh no, I lied. I did some baking with my nephew today, first time he’s “helped”. He loved it and he’s made chocolate cupcakes. So he’ll have one tomorrow. I’m so proud!

Take care of you.