Swarm of ducks!

Yes, I know the collective noun for ducks (on the ground) is a badling but swarm is more acccurate.

Mum and I took my nephew to the park today to feed the ducks. We got there, walked down the path, opened the bag and the ducks came. Like an army, a swarm… an invasion!

They came all around us, pecking our feet and they followed us for a while after we just tossed the food and ran. It was hilarious. Hopefuly my nephew will not have an irrational fear of ducks from now on… he did manage to grab hold of 2 :/ whoops.

But we survived the duck tsumani*.

Take care of you! And beware the ducks! 😉


*I may be hyberolating here but there were at least 50 ducks.


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