An open letter to Lorde

Dear Lorde,

You compared your friendship with someone as famous as Taylor Swift, to that of a friend with “an autoimmune disease“. Do you have any friends with autoimmune diseases? I assume not.

If you did, you would not have made such an unkind, thoughtless remark. Autoimmune diseases are not the butt of a joke. They are not comparable to a friendship with a global superstar. Autoimmune diseases are not like any human being at all.

They cannot be conversed with or made to see sense, they cannot give comfort they cannot make you laugh. If my autoimmune diseases did this, they would be a lot easier and much more enjoyable to live with. As it stands, they only serve to bring me pain, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, dizziness… and these are simply the most common symptoms I have.

There might be “different sets of considerations” but that is your choice to make and agree to those, as a good friend you do those things that make her life  a little bit easier a little bit more private and controllable. Autoimmune diseases take away that choice. They even take away friends, the good type of friend (like you seem to be), the friend willing to make allowances for ‘special circumstances’.

I understand the point you tried to make, though perhaps your words have exposed your age, naivety and youth. Your comment was careless and unthinking and it has caused a lot of hurt within our community. I can only hope it has not done any lasting damage on young impressionable people who look up to you, and Taylor Swift,  and you have made them into something to be ridiculed and disrespected. It is hard for some of us to get the respect of our Doctors, let alone our peers, family and friends.

I appreciate the fact that you apologised and I can only hope that you keep making Kiwis fly.




*Source article with The Guardian here

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