I feel odd.

Possibly in a good way. I still hurt the pain hasn’t lessened in any way but ME wise…

I studied almost everyday for 3 weeks on top of classes twice a week and did an exam without a relapse. I always relapse after an exam the stress just goes and I usually go down with it. Only this time I’m still good.

The day after my exam I caught a viral infection of my nephew. Cough and stuffy nose nothing more. My mum got it too (and she never gets sick) and she had a fever and lethargic and a nasty cough, glassy eyed… but guess what? It hasn’t knocked me back either.

I don’t understand. Has the ME taken a break? Is it gone for good? I mean I feel tired now but its been a long day but nothing on the scale of ME exhaustion. I am cautiously hopeful that the light at the end of the ME tunnel might be in reach, if not, in sight.

The fibro is still there and maybe that’s where the tired is coming from? I don’t know what to think but I feel weird because my body is doing things I am not used to and its not reacting in ways I am used to with certain stimuli.

Finger crossed. I suppose.

Take care of you.


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