Sonnet 17

So I have a test tomorrow and a quiz due for the same paper at uni. Fun times. Had my tutorial today and could not concentrate. I had a headache and my shoulder/arm was sore I ended up writing a sonnet. Only its less of a sonnet in technical terms and more of a poem.

This is what I spent 1 hour doing instead of calculations.

Sonnet 178

The letters all blur into one

The numbers cannot be done.
I can’t think straight
I don’t care about interest rate.
Painkillers get me through
A tedious  test or two.
My head pounds.
The volume of sounds
Is loud and screeching.
I am almost sleeping.
Two hours are lasting forever.
I want to do this never
Again. It is the worst.
My calculator’s cursed.
Take care of you.

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