I’ve started writing again. Not fantasy fiction like I used to. I’m writing about me. My thoughts, my ideas, my experiences.

Usually at night I out pencil to paper and during the day I type it up, adding and editing, as I go.

I’m not sure what I want the out come to be. If I want anyone else to read it or not. I kind of think that perhaps I should put it out there and try and get some information about life with a chronic illness, or two, out in the public eye. Try and put disabled people on the radar. We seem to get forgotten in the fight for rights. Basic human rights belong to everybody, no matter their gender, nationality, race, religion or ability.  But we’ll see how it goes.

Take care of you.


4 thoughts on “Write.

  1. The first time I started blogging was around 3 years ago. I failed. Many times. I didn’t give up. After a year I’m back to writing. I don’t mind if its a free blog because it gives me happiness. Positive feedback made the difference


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