Emotions ahead…

I am fuming, sad, disappointed and appalled.

I found out today that my grandmother, in another country, loaned her disability parking sticker to her able-bodied son (my uncle) and his able-bodied wife so they could park in the disabled space before an Adele concert. Guaranteeing themselves a parking space at the cost of someone who needs and deserves that space.

It’s disgusting behaviour of two members of the police force. I wish I could get them caught, I don’t have much sympathy for my grandmother if they end up taking her card away. She shouldn’t be stupid enough to give it to them (and she’s still with it mentally).

I am so horrified and so incredibly sad that this happened.

It’s on facebook, that’s how I found out. I commented on their proud, bragging post about how I feel (politely though) and have received some messages of support from other family members but the three culprits (grandmother, uncle and wife) have been suspiciously silent.

I hate when people use our spaces without a sticker and now I know that my own family do it with a sticker. It’s shocking and yet, somewhat unsurprising, because knowing my uncle (even mildly) you’d know he thinks himself above the law (and above most people).

Take care of you. ❤


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