Simon says…

Do you ever find life with chronic illness is better than life without?

No me neither.

You can’t work because you’re too ill. You can’t afford doctors and specialists and prescriptions and supplements. You’re not “sick enough” for a government handout.

Socialising hurts. Conversations are exhausting and repititive.

And everything said by a doctor (or well meaning friend who saw a cure on a facebook meme) is like a contradictory game of Simon says:

Specialist says: excercising is good for you. Doctor says: exercising is bad.

Specialist says: drink more water. Doctor says: don’t over drink.

Slecialist says: have salt every 2 hours. Doctor says: but not too much salt.

Specialist says: rest as much as you can. Physio says: stay active and exercise.

Doctor says: housework and cooking count as exercise. My mother says: not.

This blogger says: take care of you.


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