Cough cough coughcoughcough

My cold is mostly gone. Lingering snuffly nose and achy-sore limbs but now I’m coughing a fair bit. Uh oh. Hopefully it’s just asthma playing up and not an infection.

I did some baking which has not helped the back pain nor the leg pain. Though they were both fine/a perfectly manageable 3/10 today until this evening when I sat down to watch rugby and they shot up to 7/10. Maybe even 7.5

My nausea has been high today. So perhaps that was my warning sign? I can never tell with nausea it happens so often and in between flare ups that I think it might be its own problem. It is not. I have been investigated by the hospital. Nothing wrong so put down to  ME or the medication for the ME.

Anyway take care of you.


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