Happy Valentine’s Day!

If, like me, you do not have a valentine to spoil or be spoiled by. Do something nice for you. Treat yourself. Buy yourself some flowers, or treat yourself to some chocolates or whatever guilty pleasure you usually avoid.
Self-love is not a thing to be ashamed of or something to shy away from. In any and all of its forms, it is a good thing for you.
You are the most important person in your life and you need to be happy with who you are. Take care of youself, be your own friend, love yourself. There is only one person you will spend your enfire life with and that this you.
It’s not easy. In fact it is very hard. But start small. Treat yourself today. Take a long hot bath, have a glass of wine, cuddle your pet or parent or partner or child. Do whatever you need to do that relaxes you and makes you feel good.
And tomorrow, start the day off well. Look into the mirror and smile. You are beautiful. Say that to yourself. You are beautiful. I am beautiful. Because you are.
You may not see it. Not today, not tomorrow, not yet. But you will. Look into that mirror every day and tell yourself something (out loud) that you find beautiful. It could be your smile, your eyes, your hair…
I do this. I practice what I preach. I promise. Some days I don’t see anything beautiful in the mirror. So I smile at myself and say “I am beautiful” and list an internal quality that holds beauty.
I have learnt to love myself by doing this simple task every day. My body doesn’t do what it should, it fails me most days and that is okay because there is more beauty in the broken and bent-out-of-shape people than there is in the ‘perfect ideal’.
Learn to love who you are. All of you. Even the not so good bits (because let’s be real here we all have them. I’m emotionally cold and judgemental, and I’m working on these things). Nobody is all good, and nobody is all bad. The world is not black and white with shades of grey. It is bright and vibrant, full of colour and energy. And what makes this explosion of colour? People do. You do!
You are worth it. Take the time. Love yourself. At best, I hope you succeed. At worst, I hope you try. Just try.
As always, take care of you  ❤

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