Ever have that feeling that you think aboit doing something and a while later think about it again and go, I’ve already done that. Even though you haven’t?

Yeah that is what happened yesterday. I thought about what I was going to write about and never did… what was I going to write about? I have no idea.

It’s hot and humid here. I hate it. It makes me nauseous. I sit in front of a fan with a cold wet facecloth on my neck, it is not fun.

I know it is winter for most of you but any tricks on staying cool?

Take care of you.



4 thoughts on “Ummm?

  1. I don’t often think I’ve done something and haven’t, mostly because of checklists, but I’m always losing things, and that is making me mental! 😦 it has to be in the bedroom here, but husband and I ransack the place, and it’s nowhere. Grrr.

    Thinking of keeping cool may be fun! It’s freezing in Toronto! Um, take a cool bath? Compresses? Ice packs? Make sure you’re hydrating, I always strip down, for sure. And find a friend with AC you can stay with 😄

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