I think I started a M.E. flare a couple of days ago. In the evening, gradually coming on over the afternoon, and I just lay on the sofa for about 2 hours before I dragged myself to bed at 10.30pm.

And a comment made to me “why didn’t you go to bed earlier?” made me realise something. Either, I haven’t had an M.E. flare in so long that the signs are unrecognisable to others, or (and this seems more likely) I have hidden my flare symptoms so well that others can’t tell when I’m in one.

Anyway, I saw Hidden Figures today. Brilliant film. So sad that is has taken this long to get their story told. But it has been told. And that is important. It’s a gentle sort of film, beautifully told and well acted.

I kind of wish, though, that there are films (in mainstream media) about the disabled people who have helped historic events, or even caused them. The only one I know of is the Theory of Everything. You guys know of any?

Take care of you ❤


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