You know that saying, there’s light at the end of the tunnel?

I find it so strange and in a way so apt. A tunnel is dark, pitch black, and there in front of you is a speck of light. And society teaches to walk towards, aim for that light.

The thing about tunnels is there are two entrances, two specks of light. One you came from and one you are meant to go towards. But in the middle of the tunnel it’s cold and dark and so easy to get yourself turned around that you don’t know which light to aim for because you just might end up back where you started. With nothing gained. Nothing except wasted time and energy in horrible place which you need to step back in, to start the process again.

Though if you are lucky you might come out the other side of the tunnel. It could be everything you imagined or it could merely be a break between two tunnels… is it worth the risk? Travelling towards the light. Or is it better to fumble in the dark. I mean, you’re used to it now. Aren’t you? The pinpricks at each side are comforting and safe in their existence but actually knowing what they hold in their warmth is more terrifying than being left where you are broken and worn.

So do you take the step? Move closer to one source of light? There is a fifty-fifty shot of being back at the beginning where you started, is the risk worth it?

What would you do?

Me? I’d take the step. Even a second of light is worth an eternity in the dark. The experience alone would teach me so much about myself. What my strengths are, how to overcome my weaknesses, show me new parts of myself and how to deal with disappointment or success. There’s a 50% chance of either.

So I would take the step. And another. Over and over until the journey is done. And the next one begins

I take the step. Do you?


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