It’s late at night and I can’t sleep.


Walking a lonely road.

In the dark

Carrying a heavy load.

Each step leaving its mark.

On the path: beaten and worn.
The black creeps in…
The hope is torn…
I cannot win.
Each step a battle.
Each inch a war.
Every move an ache and rattle.
Every pain becomes more.
I am alone.
I am without.
Cold seeps into each bone.
When will warmth come about?
The moon is shining
Somewhere over head.
I am forever whining,
Yearning to be led.
There is no one there
To take my hand
To lead me with care.
Alone I must stand.
Until I make myself move.
Forward, forward, forward,
There is something to prove.
My world is bordered.
Charge ahead.
Where battles lie.
The battle is in my head…
The war has brought forth my cry.
Tears of sadness and pain.
Tears for lost days.
Try to smile in the rain…
Try to find the sunshine’s rays…
In the dark, late at night
When the world is quiet and cold
No stars shine bright
And there is no one to hold.
That is where the battle is won.
Where I breathe and burn
From where the demon’s run,
And to where I return.
For I am a fighter.
A crusader.
As pain grips me tighter.
I wish I were a trader.
I’ll give you mine.
You give me yours.
Alas all is fine.
Those words, the cures.
For you.
Not me.
They are not true.
I am not free.
(*apologies for any spelling/grammer/formatting issues. it really is late but I had to get this down.)

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