I miss running.

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like without your illness? What would you do? What do you miss the most?

I was really sporty. I would play netball, did athletics, would go for a run or on a bike ride…

I miss the sound of my feet against the pavement, the good burn in my lungs, the little spots of rain (sometimes), the wind, the sun…

But, I have new things to happy about. I can rest and have enough energy to play with my nephew. I can cook. I found a new hobby that I absolutely love: baking.

I wouldn’t have baking if I had running. The hilarity of something sugar filled and unhealthy taking the place of something healthy is not lost on me.

There are small joys in every day that I can find now I have to take time out of each day to appreciate them.

What do you miss? What are the new joys you find?


5 thoughts on “I miss running.

  1. You about made me tear up! I miss running as well. I now am missing most of my meniscus on my left knee which will prevent me from ever running again. Additionally, I have multiple broken vertabraes. However, you are right, there are things we do to replace what we have lost. My life is just getting started into runtime after the initial “consistently hopeless” feeling wore off not too long ago.

    Keep your head up! I will keep you in my prayers! 😇


  2. You have such a great attitude. While you describe the things you miss, which are some of the same things I miss. Just being more active…going for hikes and exercising…enjoying the outdoors (my chronic pain is brought on my physical activity mainly). you then counteract that and talk about the positive things, which is awesome! The positive things I have are this pain has helped me become more understanding, a more patient person, and helped me become a better nurse. It also inspired me to get back into writing.


    1. I’m a very resilient person. Positivity isn’t hard for me to find, thankfully.
      Strange, I find myself more impatient! I can’t deal with drama and people complaining. But, I suppose in some ways I have gained compassion and empathy.
      What sort of things do you write?
      Take care of you.


      1. That’s great that you can find positivity so easily, it’s not something that everyone can find. Even people who are healthy. I know at times I have trouble finding positivity, but once I take a moment to think about my situation I know I’m fortunate. And I can relate to being impatient at times, I feel like having multiple chronic illnesses has almost forced me to be more patient though. But, you can’t be patient all the time. No one’s perfect lol. Mostly I write about my life experiences ranging from my health issues and working in the healthcare field. But I also write some occasional poetry and am currently working on some short stories.


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