i’m not lonely when i’m alone*

Do you ever get lonely?

Like, I have family and I have friends but sometimes I want something more, someone more…

But I did and I let him go, because it wasn’t healthy for either of us. I’ve moved on, he hasn’t and I feel a bit bad about it. But I’m not cut up. He wasn’t right for me.

We met online (though a reputable site), is it cruel of me to re-open my account now? Only a couple of weeks after the break up… or should I wait a bit longer? What are the protocols here?

I want to date and meet people but it’s impossible. How can you have a conversation when you can’t concentrate? How can you go out when it hurts to walk?

I’m so annoyed and frustrated and I just want to be healthy.


*From Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger


2 thoughts on “i’m not lonely when i’m alone*

  1. As someone who’s in a long term relationship with chronic pain and other chronic health conditions my biggest advice is take care of you…both physically and mentally. If you want to date…then DATE! It’s not your fault that your last bf wasn’t right for you, you can’t wait forever for him to move on. You need to focus on you and your happiness because when you have health issues, happiness can sometimes be harder to find. Also, when I first started dating my boyfriend of almost three years now I was upfront and honest about my health issues. Since we started dating I’ve tacked a few on, but in the beginning I didn’t pretend that everything was rainbows and sunshines and then later drop a bomb on him that hey everything is not okay. I figured being upfront and honest would let him decided. Sure, you’ll have the a-holes that will not give you the chance because all they see is pain or someone to take care of, but the benefit of telling them upfront is you don’t have to waste your time on them because they clearly aren’t worth it. They aren’t caring or compassionate and understanding. That’s my biggest advice. Take care of you, in every aspect of your life and enjoy it as best you can…you deserve it!


    1. Thank you!
      I put myself first by ending it and I should do the same now.
      I think I’ll wait anyway because of Christmas and Christmas baking which will be almost weekly in December.
      I agree that being upfront is the best thing. It’s only fair, to both parties involved.
      Take care of you ❤

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