So my plan to post every day has already gone to pot. I missed two days. In a row.

But it’s for good reasons. I’ve been feeling good, baking my usual stuff that I do this time of year and I don’t feel so bad.

I have started a nightshade free diet. No tomatoes, bell peppers (capsicum), chilli (hot pepper), potatoes, eggplant… I think that’s all. It isn’t easy but I’m really noticing a difference with my fibro. It’s not some random fad diet, I got the info from Arthritis NZ so a reputable source.

I’m not sure what else to say. I hope all you Americans who celebrated Thanksgiving had a wonderful time and a good holiday. But let’s be real here, Christmas is coming and I am so excited!



4 thoughts on “Whoops…

  1. I worked with a nutritionist and did an elimination diet because of severe gastric issues. I ate white rice and just a couple other things for 3 weeks then started adding things back in one at a time. If I reacted then I waited 3 days and tried the next thing on the list. It took a long time but was worth it to avoid the constant bloating and severe gas pains. I was vegan but ended up having to eat meat. I can’t eat any fiber, sugar or gluten, meaning no fruits or veggies except lettuce, no spices. I basically eat just meat and fish and white rice items.

    Take a look at your spices, everyone forgets about spices. With the nightshade foods did you notice that you spiced them and in any particular way? One of the first things to go for me was the allium family: all onion varieties and garlic. There was foods I thought I couldn’t eat but it was actually the spices and herbs in the food that were problematic.

    If you find that eliminating night shades makes you feel better than all power to you. We have such a complicated disease that any bit of relief can make a difference.


  2. I worked with a nutritionist to cut out sugar but it did not work, my body started to shut down and my Dr said to stop the diet, after 3 days.

    I’ve been gluten free for over 10 years, before the ME and Fibro.

    I never thought to look at the spices. I’ll try that after seeing how this nightshade-free diet goes. I’m giving it 3 weeks and will reassess.


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