Beginning is the hardest part.

Does anyone else feel like, sometimes, there’s a version of you deep (or perhaps not so deep) inside that is screaming?  Screaming and crying in pain and frustration and loneliness?

I do.

She’s screaming loud and near the surface today. As she does on high pain days, the days where I struggle to cope but still hide the severity of everything.

Why? Why do I hide this? It’s part of me, this pain and nausea and fatigue. It’s a part of me that I am unhappy with. Don’t mistake me, I am not ashamed of these parts, I just don’t like them. I don’t want them. But, I have them. And I must live them.

This blog will be an adventure, of sorts, for me chronicling my days, trying to find a way through the monotony. Whether anybody reads this or not doesn’t matter. It’s about being written.

It might be a picture, or a poem, or some ramblings but I’m going to try and post something everyday. To see if it will help me cope better with all the negativity, without all the extra pill popping.

You’re welcome to join me on my journey, or start your own.


2 thoughts on “Beginning is the hardest part.

  1. I do not know of the pain you go through, only know it through reading, not by feeling as I do not suffer as you do, to read what you go through day after day and you are still going on, living it, you are an incredible brave person, and tea is for me also, have guests, put the kettle on, not well, cup of tea, even go out shopping somewhere, lets pop in here for a cup of tea x


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